【イベント開催情報】10月29日(土)The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022@那覇空港ふくぎホール

The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022

「The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022」は、沖縄スタートアップエコシステム(Startup Lab Lagoon Okinawa)が主催する沖縄から世界へ、カオスからイノベーションを生み出すピッチイベントです。OISTのスタートアップをはじめ、英語による5分間のピッチを行い、メンターにフィードバッグをしていただきます。そして今回の舞台は那覇空港国際線(Lagoon Airport)3Fのふくぎホールです。これまでコロナの影響で長い間運航が停止していた那覇空港国際線も今月から徐々に稼働が再開し、これを契機に、沖縄県内のスタートアップには、沖縄から日本への目線だけではなく、沖縄からアジア、そして世界進出してもらうことも視野に入れて欲しいと思い本企画を実施致します。



開催場所:那覇空港国際線エリア3Fふくぎホール(4F Lagoon Airport近く)




 MACCAM株式会社 代表取締役 松山 英嗣氏


 The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022






第二部では、沖縄県内のスタートアップピッチを行います。IT ・教育・エンターテイメントなど分野・フェーズを問わず、英語で5分間のプレゼンテーションしていただきます。(スライドは日本語)


※下に英語の案内文があります/There is an English guide below.


The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022 is a pitch event organized by the Okinawa Startup Ecosystem (Startup Lab Lagoon Okinawa)to bring innovation from chaos from Okinawa to the world. OIST startups and others will give 5-minute pitches in English and receive feedback from the judges. The venue for this event is the Fukugi Hall on the 3rd floor of Naha International Airport. (Lagoon Airport). International flights had been suspended for a long time due to being deeply affected by the Corona disaster, will gradually resume operations this month, and we hope this will be an opportunity for startups from Okinawa to expand their business not only from Okinawa to Japan, but also from Okinawa to Asia and the world.


Date & Time: October 29, 2022 (Sat) 14:00-17:00

Place: Naha Airport International Terminal 3F Fukugi Hall (near 4F Lagoon Airport)

Access to Fukugi Hall

Part I (14:00-15:00)

Learn about Israeli Startups/DX Frontline

Mr. Eiji Matsuyama, President, MACCAM Corporation

Part 2 (15:00-17:00)

The Chaos Asia From Okinawa2022 – Pitch event to create innovation from chaos from Okinawa to the world

Targeted participants

People interested in global and DX, startups of Okinawa, sta-uni students, boot camp students, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, etc.

Application form:


In the first part, Mr. Eiji Matsuyama, President of Maccam Corporation, whose mission is to accelerate open innovation between Japanese companies and Israeli startups, and who have created numerous collaborations, will speak about “Israeli Startups/DX Frontlines”. Israel is a land of a well-developed IT industry that does not require material capital and is easy to expand to overseas markets due to the lack of natural resources, small domestic market, and the fact that Israel is closed to the markets of surrounding Arab countries. Although Israel is about 8,800 kilometers away from Okinawa, we believe this is the one of greatest role models for Okinawa, and we asked Mr. Matsuyama, who serves as Secretary General of the Japan-Israel Chamber of Commerce, to give a keynote(Lecture in Japanese).

In the second part, we will have startup pitches in Okinawa Prefecture. 5-minute presentations in English in any field or phase such as IT ・Education・Entertainment, etc. (Slides are in Japanese).

*Please send Japanese-language pitch materials to Sasaki ( by e-mail by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28, the day before the event.